Throughout the year, FlowerSchool offers varying types of workshops based on theme for both professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in wreath-making for the holidays or an in-depth course on seasonal bridal bouquets, FlowerSchool offers a wide range of trend specific workshops to keep you on the cutting edge of design and style.

These programs are offered seasonally, with specialty subjects like Installations, Flower Shop Management and Wedding Design; and often with special guest designers.  Past programs have included Lewis Miller, Meredith Perez, Christian Tortu and Ingrid Carozzi. 

Join FlowerSchool for a special, seasonal courses at various times of the year. 

These themed classes or master designer events, are typically offered as one offs or one-time only recreation orient events.

Learn the art of floral arranging at home with FlowerSchool’s Beginner’s Open Studio Flower Box. For this class, each student will receive a box of premium flowers delivered directly to your door accompanied by one 1hr live Zoom lesson (3pm – 4pm EST) with one of our illustrious designers.  Join us for a fun, recreational design class to learn the best tips and tricks of floral design from the comfort of your home!

The In-Person Beginners Open Studio class is for people interested in floral design who want to try working with flowers and learn some very helpful tips and tricks. This studio class provides the opportunity to create a beautiful, seasonal arrangement while learning professional design basics. This is a great way to introduce yourself to FlowerSchool New York and the world of floral design!

In this three-day course, students learn the full process of creating the overall floral design for a wedding. Students begin with creating storyboards, receive instruction in conducting consultations and creating proposals, how to purchase floral product and finally, creating the mock-execution of the event’s designs.

This two-day series will take students through the workflow of running and owning a flower shop in a simulated environment. Our production management program is intended for students who are interested in working in a flower shop, wrapping orders beautifully for delivery, managing workflows and having an authentic flower shop design experience. 

The Conditioning Lab is a simulated design studio experience where students spend the entire day conditioning flowers for up and coming projects. Student will learn the best workflow to process flowers including how to check-in materials, prepping containers and conditioning different varieties of flowers depending on their needs and time of use.

In this class students  with work through the stages of planning a funeral using flowers as the medium to soothe and comfort the bereaved. Reviewing funeral traditions and treatments from around the world, this class will focus on the meaning of sympathy flowers in a non-cliched approach demonstrating how flowers can send a powerful message during a difficult time. Students will learn how to decorate a funeral wreath and casket spray using seasonal flowers.

Photographs of floral designs can often be the only record of a beautiful design or concept. In this beginners workshop, students will learn the basics of floral photography & social media skills. Students will learn basic skills to improve upon their photography skills and how to use social media.  

This day-long field trip is intended to help students visualize the techniques and trends of the floral industry. Here, students will visit different flower shop models in terms of size, design focus and specialties. This tour will highlight the different workflow methods and ambience a business owner can evoke in their shop.

Our newest recreational program focuses on the art and design of cocktails. Learn how to make professional cocktails that taste delicious, have health benefits, and look beautiful.  

Taught by the Master Mixologists Natalie Migliarini and James Stevenson of Beautiful Booze!