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What to Look for in a Floral Design Class

What to Look for in a Floral Design Class

The world of floristry and floral design is very expansive. If you have a passion for floral arrangements and are curious how you can further explore floral design, this article has all the answers you’re looking for. We’ll take you through the most important aspects you should consider when looking for classes in flower arranging. Whether you are looking for a beginner class for floral arrangement or a floral design certification program, these tips will help you find the right flower arranging class for you.


If you’ve searched “flower arranging near me” in the hopes of finding flower arranging classes in your area, then you’ve already begun considering the first aspect you should should look for in a floral design class: Location. The location of classes in flower arranging can influence the type of materials you will be able to work with. The supplies needed for flower arrangements are delicate, likely costly, and are typically transported overseas from nations like Ecuador and Holland. This is why it is crucial to choose a flower arranging class that has ample access to floral material. One of the many perks of taking a class for flower arrangement at FlowerSchool NY is its proximity to the flower markets in New York City. Located on 28th and 8th, FlowerSchool has direct access to the abundance of flower shops merely a block away. These markets are open 6 days a week and accept products from their suppliers on a daily basis to ensure freshness and variety. Be sure to check out the type of materials that will be provided by the flower arranging class to make sure you’ll have quality supplies. 


Another key component to consider is the instructor of the flower arranging class. There are many experienced designers in the world of floristry, but there are fewer who are also skilled teachers. Be certain to learn more about the instructor of the class for flower arrangement you choose to gain more knowledge on their experience and floral design style. FlowerSchool NY enlists the top florists from across the globe to teach flower arranging classes, including Victoria Ahn, Ingrid Carozzi, and Meredith Waga-Perez. The Executive Director and primary instructor at FlowerSchool NY is Calvert Crary, author of Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging. With such a wide array of distinguished, successful florists available, FlowerSchool NY teachers have both the practical and theoretical skills needed to instruct a comprehensive floral design class.

Floral Design Style

Before you sign up for a floral design class, don’t forget to look into what style of flower arrangements you will be making. You might already have a favorite style of floral arrangements, but that shouldn’t deter you from stepping out of your comfort zone and learning a different style of floral design. Some floral design styles you may come across include organic, modern, classic, traditional, and whimsical garden style. There is no one style that is better than another; it is simply a matter of preference. Some floral design classes may focus on one specialized type of floral arrangement which is definitely something to consider if you already have experience and are looking to expand your floral design knowledge. If you are a complete beginner, the style of flower arrangement may not be a large factor in your floral design class decision. Regardless, make sure you have a good idea of what you are looking to learn so you can ensure that you make the right decision when choosing a flower arranging class.


The final aspect you should consider is the price of the class for flower arrangement. It is important to keep in mind that flowers are a very fragile product and they quickly lose their value once cut, in addition to the costly transportation needed to deliver fresh flowers across the globe daily. Other factors to remember are the cost of the vases, flower knives, clippers, and the instructor’s time and talent. A one-time beginners course may cost between $150 to $200, while a floral design certification program can cost around $10,000. Be sure to see if you will be allowed to take home your creation, as different programs may have varying practices. At FlowerSchool NY, every student gets to take home their flower arrangement which is perfectly sized for a coffee or side table.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are important factors to consider when looking for a floral design class. It is crucial to not only find a reputable class, but to find the right class for you. If you are a beginner, it is best to dip your toes into the world of floristry to see if it is truly something you are passionate about; the Beginners Open Studios offered by FlowerSchool NY are the perfect way to start your flower arranging journey. For those who are serious about turning their passion for floral design into a career, then a floral design certification is the best option for you. No matter what experience you currently have, there is definitely a floral design class out there for you!