As a leader in floral education, FlowerSchool New York is committed to sustainable business practices and alternative floral design methods that are beautiful, effective and environmentally conscious. It is our responsibility to teach designers the proper floral techniques and industry practices, including sharing environmentally friendly methods and resources.

FlowerSchool Sustainable Practices


With so much green waste in the floristry business, it is essential that FlowerSchool separates our plant matter for composting. Not only does this bring down the amount of garbage going to landfills, but it enables our green waste to be recycled into mulch for our city’s green spaces, as well as converted into clean energy. To learn more about NYC recycling and composting opportunities CLICK HERE. For information on how NYC is turning food waste into compost and gas, read this New York Times article.

FlowerSchool is proud that all green waste for the school is composted and sent to McEnroe Organic Farm in Millertown, NY diverting waste from landfills and converting into nutritious compost and soil.

Streamlined Flower Orders

In order to not produce excessive waste, FlowerSchool operates within thin material margins by having well thought out floral recipes and timely, precise flower orders. These floral production staples are taught and practiced in our Floral Design Program, which prove the be effective and efficient for every job, regardless of size and budget.

Environmentally Friendly Techniques

There are many different approaches to the diverse applications of floral design. At FlowerSchool, it is our mission to teach the best production practices, which includes sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques to lead the newest generation of florists in a globally-conscious mindset. 

Hydration Techniques

Learning how to properly hydrate your flowers leads to longer lasting blooms, which is good for your clients as well as your inventory! Our floral processing and conditioning techniques yields healthy, gorgeous blooms and help us decrease the frequency of our floral orders.

Sourcing From Fair Trade and Sustainable Wholesalers/ Farms

Knowing where and how your flowers are grown is essential for maintaining a sustainable flower practice. Whenever possible, FlowerSchool NY sources flowers from local farmers and growers. We import fair trade flowers when needed from the farmers and growers that we know and trust. 

Image: Tiny Hearts Farm


Local Growers