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 Welcome to FlowerSchool’s Student Access page. 

As a supporter and student of the school, you are entitled to special access and events exclusive to our FlowerSchool New York community.

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For over 20 years, GREENROSE has been one of the most well known brands in the flower industry. We are an Ecuadorian rose growing farm. Our farm is located at 3000 meters above sea level near the city of Cayambe in the Andean highlands. The location of our farm is key to producing a superior quality of rose. We are located on the equator, where the perpendicular solar rays, combined with the high altitude, allow our flowers to develop truly bright colors, tall stems and big blooms.

We grow more than 100 premium varieties under 34 hectares of greenhouses.

Details Flowers Software

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The Details Flowers Software platform was created by florists, for florists, with the primary goal of providing a solution to help floral businesses of all sizes succeed. We believe that by creating a system to help florists do more and earn more, we can help to shape the floral industry as a whole and help it grow. We’re connecting florists, designers, growers, suppliers, wholesalers, and educators together to inspire a more beautiful world through flowers!


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Your source for beautiful floral glass, ceramic vases, event décor and exceptional customer service.

Exclusive Events

FlowerSchool Wine Tasting on the Roof

Details coming soon!