FlowerSchool New York is proud to partner with many industry professionals and businesses. Please explore our partners below.


For over 20 years, Snap GREENROSE has been one of the most well known brands in the flower industry. We are an Ecuadorian rose growing farm. Our farm is located at 3000 meters above sea level near the city of Cayambe in the Andean highlands. The location of our farm is key to producing a superior quality of rose. We are located on the equator, where the perpendicular solar rays, combined with the high altitude, allow our flowers to develop truly bright colors, tall stems and big blooms.

We grow more than 100 premium varieties under 34 hectares of greenhouses.


Midori crafts gorgeous ribbon, stationery, gift wrapping supplies, and more that bring sophisticated beauty into everyday life. With a close attention to detail, Midori creates luxurious, high-end ribbon that is perfectly suited for floral arrangements such as the hand-tied bouquet. 

FlowerSchool utilizes Midori ribbon in our Wedding Design Series with Meredith Perez of Belle Fleur. Our students learn the full process of creating the overall floral design for a wedding and assemble beautiful bridal bouquets bounded by Midori ribbon.

The Flower Podcast

After 26 years working with amazing floral creatives through wholesale, I decided to start a podcast to share my unbelievable journey with phenomenal friends, remarkable talent, and breathtaking flowers. My hope and dream for The Flower Podcast is to create a meeting place to chat with guests from all areas of the floral industry as they share their personal insight to flowers, business, and the future of flowers. I believe their love for flowers and design will be contagious!

Some things about our industry have changed in 26 years, but the beauty of a blossom will always be. I am thankful you have joined our floral family in this remarkable journey.

Launched in 2015, Details Flowers Software is a platform specifically designed to help florists and designers do more and earn more.  The app streamlines proposals, ensures profitability through careful attention to each arrangement, and simplifies the payment process. Through additional visibility with our in-network florists leading to volume predictability and greater customer loyalty, growers and wholesalers benefit too!

Oshun Pouch

Derived from 100% natural components, Oshun Pouch seeks to provide a sustainable solution for the floristry industry. Typical plastic floral foam is non-reusable and damaging to our planet. Oshun Pouch is an eco-friendly alternative that keeps flowers sturdy and secure. 

FlowerSchool utilizes the Oshun Pouch in our 2-Day Large Scale Installations Class with Juan Villanueva. Our students learn large scale design concepts and the logistics of implementing large-scale designs to avoid pitfalls with the use of Oshun Pouch.

Costa Nova

The love of life, family, friends and good food has inspired COSTA NOVA to create fine stoneware collections that combine quality and design with the best in ceramic craftsmanship.
The brand produces innovative and sustainable stoneware made from the best natural resources in Portugal.

COSTA NOVA was born in a small Portuguese fishing village, near the Atlantic Ocean.

Nowadays, carrying Portugal´s name and heritage all over the world, the brand is present across the 5 continents, in prestigious department stores and boutiques, hotels and renowned restaurants.

Nuage Designs

Nuage Designs is the leader in couture linen rentals with over a decade servicing top event planners, celebrities and luxury hotels around the world.  Under the direction of Founder and Creative Director Pablo Oliveira, Nuage Designs offers unparalleled design aesthetics and expertise to provide the event industry with the best selection in linen and accessories. From royal weddings to inaugural balls, Nuage Designs has been dressing the tables of some of the most prestigious events globally.

borrowed BLU

borrowed BLU is a luxury tabletop rental company that specializes in crafting a variety of both modern and vintage items for weddings, events, and photoshoots. borrowed BLU is the country’s leading tableware event rental company providing a curated inventory of custom designed tabletop products for events across the nation.

FlowerSchool utilized borrowed BLU products in our Intro to Event Design class, Wedding Design Series, as well as our Event Design and Planning courses. Students are given the opportunity to utilize borrowed BLU’s high-end, exquisite products to create stunning tablescapes.