ONLINE Floristry Skills Courses

Our signature Floristry Skills courses are rooted in technical florist training. Students begin their flower journey with solid technique and a workflow process. In these courses students learn how to be a floral designer and learn technique, skill, design principals, preparation and care of flowers and purchasing flowers.

This series of classes of 4 classes is intended for beginning-level students who have an interest in learning foundation level skills in floral design. Skills include how to correctly handle and care for flowers, how to use a floral knife and clippers properly,  and conditioning of flowers for optimal vase-life longevity.  This series teaches simple, high-end designs that highlight the flowers’ most beautiful and unique characteristics.  Once learned, these designs can be recreated at home again and again using a variety of different flowers and materials.

After learning the basic floristry techniques in the Introduction Series, the Intermediate Series will introduce the next level of floral design skills and techniques including purchasing flowers and building recipes. 

The prerequisite for this program is the Introduction Series.  Students will be expected to have a basic knowledge of flora design and floristry skills such as using the tools and conditioning flowers.  

The Advanced Design Series follows the Introduction and Intermediate Series programs where students learn more advanced techniques, such as color theory, recipe building and ultimately begin to develop their own style of floral design. This is where the students become designers and ultimately gain the confidence needed to call yourself a floral designer.