Event Design

Certificate in Event Design

Whether you are beginning your journey in event work or a seasoned planner, FlowerSchool is offering a variety of classes and programs designed to translate your creativity into practice, learn the proper tools and methods, and meet industry professionals to find success for your future career. If you love to put on events and want to build upon your abilities, then you will love Event Design offerings. 

Classes Include:

2-Day Large-Scale Installation for Events, Weddings, and Corporate 

2-Day 3-D Rendering Program 

Advanced Wedding Design Series

Summer 2022 dates coming soon!


2-Day Large-Scale Installations for Weddings, Events, & Corporate

This 2-day series focuses on large scale installations for maximum wow.  The installations program is the closes program we have to large scale sculpture with living materials and includes an elevated centerpiece design, large-scale monumental urn, flowering arch and hanging chandelier.   Each student will make very big things.  The only problem, how to fit them in the cab!

What you will learn:

  • Monumental Urn Arrangements
  • Decorating Chuppahs and Arches with flowers
  • Hanging Chandeliers

3-D Rendering Program

Learn the art and science of event planning through mastering Merri, a 3D visualization platform made for event planning. Learn how to arrange an entire event using 3D models of furniture, decor, flowers, etc. in your client’s desired venue space. 

Wedding Design Series

In this three-day course, students learn the full process of creating the overall floral design for a wedding. Students begin with creating storyboards, receive instruction in conducting consultations and creating proposals, how to purchase floral product and finally, creating the mock-execution of the event’s designs. Each student is required to develop their own wedding floral designs based on specific client requests and finishes with a mockup table decor and presentation to the “client.” 

This is a great opportunity for students to practice event production with specific client requests, budgets and of course, flowers. Day Two will focus on flower buying, production and construction of designs.