COVID-19 Preventions & Precautions

A Note from FlowerSchool

FlowerSchool has instituted new guidelines and structures to better serve you and keep everyone safe while at the school. It is our primary goal to have everyone to feel safe and secure, so we are taking many measures and following state and local government guidelines. Below are the precautions and guidelines we follow to protect our students and staff while at FlowerSchool.

A New Space

FlowerSchool has recently moved to a brand new space at 253 West 28th Street, 7th Floor. We are the first occupants of this brand new floor, which offers 2000 sq ft of workspace. This space also has a never used before HVAC system keeping the air recycled, clean and moving throughout the space for extra airflow.

For continued assurance, we are continuing to limit our class sizes to 12 students, which allows each student to have over well over 10ft of distance between one another while working.

Cleaning & Safety Precautions

  •  All surfaces, work stations and flower tools are cleaned with EPA approved disinfectant between each use.

  • Class sizes are reduced to a maximum number of 12 students per class.

  • Each student will be given their own table to work on providing ample distance between each students.

  • Students will be asked to wear a N95 masks required by staff and students at all times. If students do not have an N95 mask, one can be provided to you by the school.

  • FlowerSchool maintains safe hygiene practices including frequent hand washing breaks and cleaning of tables and supplies throughout the day.

  • FlowerSchool staff always wears gloves when handling shared materials and disinfecting tools, tabletops and other school areas.

Preventative Measures

Upon entering the school, students will be asked to have their oxygen saturation tested with a Pulse Oximeter.  A pulse oximeter is an electronic device that clips onto your finger to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation in his or her red blood cells.

“A level between 95% and 97% is considered normal by the American Lung Association; anything below that would be a reason to call a doctor.” Yale Medicine

  • FlowerSchool continually screens students for symptoms and exposure history asking students to fill out a Quarantine Screening Questionnaire upon entering the school.

  • FlowerSchool maintains specific safety practices for higher risk students, such as pregnant, immunocompromised and older attendees.

  • FlowerSchool practices safe hygiene practices such as frequent hand-washing, cleaning the tables and equipment and wearing of masks. 

  • All FlowerSchool staff will keep informed of the most current hygiene and safety recommendations and check the Regional Monitoring Dashboard regularly.

  • Work from home measures are in place for any ill FlowerSchool staff. 

  • Rescheduling options are available for any students who feel unwell.