Large-Scale Installations: Flower Chandelier & Flower Wall with Emily Pinon of Bastille Flowers & Events: Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 (10am – 4pm)


Flower walls, chandeliers and ‘flornados’– oh my! Do not miss this opportunity to work BIG, try your hand at real-life large-scale designs to make an impact and get the wow! Some of the most challenging yet rewarding designs are large-scale floral installations, which evoke awe in viewers and make a true statement. These installations can be seen at personal and public events such as the Ace Awards and much more.

In this all-day workshop designer extraordinaire Emily Pinon of Bastille Flowers & Events will pull back the curtain on large-scale designs discussing real-world logistics, construction, pricing, installation practices and managing client expectations when it comes to over-the-top design. Together students will create a large-scale flower wall and hanging chandelier that will teach the best techniques for these ever challenging design concepts.











In this class, students will learn:

  • Large-scale design concepts and ideas
  • Mechanics know-how to re-create structures in your own practice
  • Logistics and installation when implementing large-scale designs to avoid pitfalls
  • Square-foot pricing blueprint for proposals
  • Hands-on installation of a living wall and flower chandelier







Growing up in New England’s countryside, surrounded by fragrant lilac, lush peonies, and delicate lily of the valley, Emily Pinon developed a love for flowers and design. Later, she flourished in Paris where she worked alongside some of the city’s most renowned designers. Immersed in a world of luxury and fashion, she returned to New York City and established herself as a preeminent force in the design community. Before long she was lauded for her dynamic and inspirational designs, and she quickly acquired a loyal and sophisticated clientele.

Emily and the Bastille Flowers & Events team enjoy traveling all over the globe producing exquisitely crafted and one-of-a-kind events. Emily currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and son.







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Large-Scale Installations: Flower Chandelier & Flower Wall with Emily Pinon of Bastille Flowers & Events on February 19th, 2020 (10am – 4pm)