For the Love of Flowers: Botanical Bath Oil & Salts with Michelle Gagnon of MKG Bio Alchemy on February 11th, 2020 (6pm – 8pm)


Some essential oils have a stronger association with the heart, the body and the mind. In this class bio-alchemist, Michelle Gagnon, will curate a special selection of botanical oils derived from flowers, herbs and spices perfect for this time of year. We will work with and discuss essential oils that are warming to the body, softening to the heart and offer aphrodisiac properties. Michelle will also discuss the history of scent and fragrance through evolution and the power of pheromones. Each student will have the opportunity to formulate a custom botanical body/bath oil or bath salt at the end of class to take home. Valentine’s treats and champagne will be enjoyed!


Michelle Gagnon is a bio-alchemist, aromatherapist, teacher, consultant, and founder of MKG Bio Alchemy.  She has also worked with Enfleurage New York, a supplier and importer of essential oils and incense from around the world, since 2012. 

Michelle has extensively studied the benefits of using essential oils for hair and skin care and specializes in creating signature formulations connecting scent and therapeutic properties for spas, brands, and individual clients. Through her innate passion and experience of working with natural materials, she focuses on empowering and educating others about the dynamic uses of 100% pure natural ingredients.

She aims to bring awareness to sustainable growth practices, mindful cultivation, and reverence for the cultural traditions that have dictated the use of these botanicals for centuries.

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 (6pm - 8pm)