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Alumni Spotlight

FlowerSchool’s NYSED Floral Design Program has helped launch the careers of countless florists in our 7 years of operation. With a placement rate of nearly 100% after program completion, FlowerSchool NY’s goal is to make your floral design career dreams become your reality. 

Many students have transformed their passion for floral arrangements into full-fledged careers with the help of FlowerSchool NY. Graduates of this floral design program are recognized internationally and have the skills that give them a cutting edge advantage in an increasingly competitive field. Our alumni have secured employment as freelancers, shop managers, and project managers, in addition to propelling some to start their own business. 

We at FlowerSchool NY pride ourselves on the accomplishments of our students. We are delighted to spotlight alumni and share their success stories to inspire others on their floral design journey!

Melissa Vázquez

A 2019 graduate of our Floral Design Program, Melissa has been taking the floral design industry by storm. Based in San José del Cabo, Mexico, Melissa creates stunning arrangements and tablescapes for weddings and social gatherings. Melissa’s passion for floral design arose after reading about the Victorian language of flowers and was solidified after taking her first floral design class. 

Explaining how her FlowerSchool NY education influenced her career, Melissa says, “For me the most important thing that you get to learn at FlowerSchool NY are the foundations. You get the tools not only at a design level— you also get them at a business level. You are helped and mentored through the program by your teachers. FlowerSchool NY opened my eyes and mind to the floral industry. I got to meet very interesting classmates, vendors, and floral designers, and got to work with them and learn from them. I really like that you don’t only get the theory— you also get the practice in a real business and get to see how things really work”. 

To those seeking a career in floral design, Melissa shares, “Be curious, ask a lot of questions, be open-minded, look at what other parts of the world are doing and adapt it to your needs, and always keep learning”.

Sarah Ogden

Floral Design Program alum Sarah Ogden has transformed the world of dried flowers. During the pandemic, Sarah started her dried flower business, Horseshoe Flowers. Her passion for floral design came about when she decided to DIY her own wedding flowers. Deciding to make a career out of it, Sarah has been creating dried flower arrangements and wreaths for her floral studio in England. 

Reflecting on her time with FlowerSchool NY, Sarah shares, “FlowerSchool gave me a great basic starting knowledge of the industry. Learning a good basic knowledge of the whole process of starting a floral business, from the flowers, to the arranging, to visiting the flower market, to the business side of things, gave me the confidence to just go for it. FlowerSchool gave me the confidence to start up my own business. I wouldn’t have made the leap without having gone to FlowerSchool. Because I now run my own business, on my own terms, my life has been utterly transformed! Plus I’m feeling more creative than ever!”

To those seeking a career in floral design, Sarah shares, “Get some basic training to get you started. Do your research and follow the journeys of other florists, be inspired, practice (a lot!) and start finding your own style. Never be afraid to take a chance and to test yourself, you never know what will come of it”.

Brittany Murray

A 2019 Floral Design Program graduate, Brittany Murray took her passion for flowers to the next level by opening her own floral studio, The Flower Slinger. Based in Arkansas, Brittany creates vibrant, eye-catching arrangements that have landed her on Florists’ Review’s “35 Under 35”. From doing weeklys for Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue to working with clients like Christian Louboutin, Brittany has already accomplished incredible feats in her floral career. 

Sharing how FlowerSchool impacted her floral design journey, Brittany says, “FlowerSchool made me realize that I could go from an employee to an employer and I was able to go and create an actual sustainable business to support my family while doing something that I was passionate about”. 

To those seeking a career in floral design, Brittany shares, “Freelance for as many people as you can and learn as much as possible. Never stop learning and never be afraid to ask questions”.